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Our most recent litter  litter was born on November 23rd 2013  Ambra gave birth to  4 Males  & 4 Females Mother and puppies are all healthy and well.

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Pictures from past litters below......

       June 2010: Litter

Tara  and her owner -  early 2010                    Tara as a puppy bred by SouthernStar in 2008


















June 2009 : Information About  Our Most Recent Litter

On November of 2008 we were happy to witness the birth of or most recent litter from our new European Import  SteKot North's' Ambra  and the European Champion sire Klej.  We  had Seven beautiful Puppies. All of the puppies have been sold. We do not expect a new litter until late 09 or early 2010.  Direct all enquiries to Alex Grahovac email:  Or call us on 03 5429 5811 for more information.  

About Ambra and her Litter: Ambra came to us in October  - 2008. While still in Europe - she was mated with Klej  (prior to export) and arrived in Australia already one week pregnant.   Having in spent the minimum of 30 days in quarantine , she was released 5 weeks pregnant and had 3 weeks to get to know us and settle in to her new home prior to giving birth to her first Australian littler of puppies.   She had 7 puppies in that litter and all have found great homes here in Australia.

Mother  Ambra Od SteKot North

Our New European Import

Sire Klej

Klej is Father of Current Serbian National Champion "Al Kapone" and  the current Junior Champion of Serbia "Aron"

Seven puppies in this litter


September 2006 Update

Last month  we  received  a nice phone call and large envelope.  The Phone call was from the Stevanovic family in South Australia and the envelope contained two pictures of Buco the puppy that we sold to the Stevanovic family.  Buco was one of the three males born in Lulu's  last litter (August 2004). 

The pictures were taken one week before Buco's 2nd birthday.  I was very impressed by this dog, and the way he has developed so far. He looks like he is in great condition and that was also very pleasing to see.  Below  are the pictures -  you can decide for yourself.




  Archive of old Updates and News


Read 2003 Vesti Article in Serbian

-November 2005-

Southern Star Sarplaninac Kennels have lodged an application for ANKC breed recognition  here in Australia through the Victorian Canine Association

 Unfortunately our submission was not reviewed at this last meeting in October.  We are expecting the application to be reviewed at the next ANKC meeting which will be held in May 2006.

As the Sarplaninac breed has long been recognized by the FCI world body (since 1939) we are hoping that we will soon also receive official breed recognition here in Australia. (stand by for more details in the future.....and keep you fingers crossed!!!)


-November 2005-

Our recent artificial Insemination attempt with Murko and Ambra was unsuccessful

This year we went though a costly and laborious attempt at inseminating our female  Shara's Ambra with frozen semen from a European  Champion  dog from the Czech republic ( Murko). Unfortunately our first attempt at Artificial insemination was unfruitful and after much effort and expense we did not have any luck and did not get a single puppy from this attempt.  As we already have an extensive waiting list this I am sure has disappointed may people that have been waiting patiently on our list (some for over 18 months). 


Southern Star Sarplaninac Kennels acquire frozen semen from Europe.  July 2005

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Andras & Stepanka the owners of Ste-Kot North Sarplaninac Kennels in the Czech Republic for working with us across 10,000 miles to make this happen. We acquired semen from 3 dogs from their Kennels. They are: Murko, Taras od Piksija and Fill od Ste-Kot North

We are proud to announce that frozen semen finally arrived in Australia from Europe in August 2005 after over 12 months of searching for the best dogs and going through the importation processes and all the "red-tape" that went with this endeavour. As Luck would have it Ambra went into season just days after the semen arrived and we are now working with our vet and preparing to inseminate her via AI late August.  The Sire is Murko.

Here are the Sires for the frozen semen I have imported and a little bit of info about them.

 The Dog are planning to use first is called Murko (This dog is from is originally from Serbia and was brought to the Czech Republic from a very well know breeder in Nis called Srdjan Dinic.  Murko has won a lot of Championships in Serbia (including the major speciality Sarplaninac show in 2004 at Velika Planina), he has also won the CAC in Hungary, Czech Republic Belgium....ect...excellent dog!



Bona an Original Mountain Sarplaninac from Restilica

Murko at 4  years old







Murko's Father is a outstanding dog called "Atlas Murko"-(13 years old and still kicking) and the mother "Bona" is  an original "izvorni" mountain dog from Sarplanina (od Restilica ) now with Srdjan Dinic in Nis (Serbia).












Murko is 73 cm... not a huge dog but very nicely put together, excellent temperament and has a great head and dark colouring.

For more info on "Murko" go to the Ste-Kot North's site:



The other dog we have semen from is called "Taras", this is an older dog but has a fantastic head, conformation and character and a great blood line with links to some excellent dogs form the past!  This dog has been very sought after in Europe because of his bloodlines and the fantastic puppies he has produced.  He is 70 cm tall but has consistently given bigger puppies than himself. He is now 8 and a half years old.  We plan to use him in the next mating with Ambra (18 months from now).




Taras 8.5 years old in this picture











More info on Taras:



The third dog “Fill” is the son is of Taras (the dog in the previous picture) and as you will se he is much bigger than Taras  (Fill is 77 cm).  Taras seems to give much bigger puppies than himself and Fill is a good example.


I really like this dog and I am planning to use him with Pasha’s daughters “Miska” later this year and at some point in the future with Ambra.


More info on Fill:


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-Sept. 1st  2003-

Article on Southern Star Kennels Published in Australian "Vesti"


This an article that was written about Southern Star Sarplaninac in Vesti on September 2003.  It is written in Serbian and I have yet to translate it.  

Read Article

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